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Promark and Skymark GPS drones use the same GPS app. Download the GPS drone app to save pictures, videos and stream live video from your Promark or Skymark GPS drones directly to your smartphone. The app works as both a 2D FPV (First Person Viewer), but can also convert the video into VR mode when used with the Promark VR Goggles (included with Promark GPS Shadow Drone).

The GPS app has also been upgraded with live positioning and status updates. These updates display the drone’s real-time status during GPS syncing, position in-fight, and other operating functions including battery level. Acting as a secondary remote control, the app enables users to control Auto Takeoff and Landing, GPS Return Home, and GPS Follow Me, which syncs the drone to your smartphone’s GPS enabling it to follow your device as you travel.


Making sure that your remote and drone batteries are fully charged, plug in the drone battery and turn on the drone. Once the drone lights up, go to your smartphone and access your WiFi settings, and search for the “PROMARK-xxxxxx” WiFi signal. Once connected, exit your settings and open the Promark GPS app and click “QUICK START” to begin your GPS pairing procedure and begin flying your GPS drone!


Stream live video footage direct from your drone to your smartphone

  • 2D FPV or fully-immersive VR streaming
  • Works with the Promark 3DVR Goggles
  • Compatible with the Promark GPS Shadow Drone and Skymark GPS Pursuit Drone
  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Free to download